Assemble Economic Team to Salvage our Nation from Economic Recession, PDP Tells Buhari

September 1, 2016, 3:13 pm

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Thursday challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to assemble an economic team, whose membership, irrespective of the party affiliation, will find solution to the economic situation of the country.

PDP, which spoke through its Caretaker Committee Chairman, Senator Ahmed Maikarfi, said there was need for all hands to be on deck to find solutions to the economic hardship facing the country.

"We are all Nigerians, we must know that things are tough today. I read a letter written by Cardinal Olubunmi Okojie to the President in the newspapers expressing the same concern.

"This is not an issue for one political party alone. Long before that letter and as a matter of fact, before the President was sworn into office and to be candid, my personal belief was that the country was in a serious problem and that we were heading into more serious problems.

“But, all hands needed to be on deck. There is a time to play politics, and there is a time whether you are the party in government or not, we should not play politics with certain issues" Makarfi said.

He asserted that " if the economy is bad, it is the political class that is to be blamed," adding that, "even indeed before the political class, the military class should share part of the blame because they have done a lot of damage to the system.

"Let us own up to the wrong we have done and let us collectively repent and come together for the sake of the ordinary man and woman and even those that are not ordinary and save our nation from economic doom," he further said.

He said working together to salvage the country "doesn’t mean we should become a one party state and it doesn’t mean politically we should agree on political matters, but we should realize that the country survival is first.‎"

‎He said he shares the views expressed by Cardinal Okojie ‎in his letter to the President on the state of the nation.

Commenting on the causes of the economic problems, Makarfi said the problems are a lot more structural and had been there for a long time, even before 1999.  

"Of course, there are issues that you can reduce to the last 5, 7, 10 years or so. That is why I say it is a collective thing if it is a failure. Because you can extend this failure to as far back as you can remember”‎ he said.

‎He however stressed that, this is not the time to start apportioning blames, "rather it is time to come together and salvage the country and do the needful.

"In any case, people are voted because they were dissatisfied with the last administration. If they were satisfied they would have returned all the past administration at all levels. 

"Having not returned them because people believe that things will improve with this government, it is good to go forward and see what we can do and improve on our economy.

“It should not be seen as failure to say look, the issue at hand now requires that we should come together and salvage our country, ‎in fact it is not a sign of failure."

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