Appropriation Chair: Why Dogara Dropped Jibrin for Madawaki

July 20, 2016, 8:06 pm


Federal House of Representatives Speaker, Hon Yakubu Dogara, on Wednesday, replaced the House Committee on Appropriation chairman, Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin, saying Jibrin had approached him (Dogara) that he can not continue to work in his capacity as Appropriation Chair.

Dogara said Jibrin had been replaced with Hon Mustapha Dawaki Bala (APC, Kano State)

Informed House sources told that the Presidency as well as chairmen of some committees through various petitions allegedly pressurized the speaker that they can not work with Jibrin any longer.

Jibrin was being accused of padding of the 2016 budget in the sum of N4bn.


According to one of these sources, who will not want his name in print, "the Speaker had been under pressure to remove Jibrin. There were complaints about his handling of the 2016 budget.

"Some of the chairmen (of the House Committees) even wrote petitions making sundry allegations on the budget. But the Speaker did not remove him until the Presidency said they were not prepared to work with him on the budget any further," the source further added.

Jibrin, however, said he did no wrong promising to give details of what transpired in the 2016 Appropriation. He said he resigned his office out of a personal decision.

According to him, he will be giving the details of what transpired "not to attack anybody but so that we can also learn collectively and see how we can move the system forward. But whether I like it or not, I was the Chairman of Appropriations and my signature was on all the documents even though I know that I am not at fault.

“Of course we are all aware of a lot of issues that took place during the process of the 2016 budget. I have always maintained one position, that as the Chairman Appropriations, i did my very best. Until date, I have said that if anybody has anything that I have done that amounts to an abuse of my office, or amounts to an illegality, that it should be brought forward.

“I’ve said it severally, that I can be reported to the authorities or the relevant arm of government, or the internal disciplinary measure of the House. Should take its course. And as it is until date, nobody has raised any issue against me.

“And that has been the case even while I was Chairman Finance. For four years, I was chairman Finance and I executed my responsibility diligently and I left an unblemished record.”

He said there were a lot of “obstacles here and there “during the 2016 budget appropriation.

“Even if I’m not at fault, it’s only proper that I take the responsibility. I believe that the best thing I should do under the circumstances is to step aside so that the committee can move forward.”

At THE plenary, where Dogara had announced a replacement for Jibrin, the Speaker had said; “He (Jibrin) met me and said he does not think he would continue as the committee chairman due to pressure of the work.”

The Speaker therefore said the House leadership had taken a decision to replace him as the committee chairman.

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