Joho Swearing-in: Raila Declares Start of Campaign For Truth, Electoral Justice

August 22, 2017, 2:19 pm
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NASA leader Raila Odinga has declared the start of a national campaign for truth and electoral justice in Kenya.

Raila issued a spirited address on Kenya's progress where polls are concerned during Hassan Joho's inauguration for his second term as Mombasa Governor.

"Today we launch a national campaign. Wizi ya kura mpaka uishe. Huu wizi ndio wa mwisho (Rigging must come to end. This was the last time). We shall not accept and move on."


NASA chief Raila Odinga speaks with Hassan Joho during his swearing-on for a second term as Mombasa county boss, August 22, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB

NASA chief Raila Odinga speaks with Hassan Joho during his swearing-on for a second term as Mombasa county boss, August 22, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB

The ODM leader noted time has come for Kenyans to stand on their feet and demand their rights. He also said the people must be allowed to exercise their sovereignty without intimidation.

"We find ourselves divided. The vote is a powerful weapon for the weak against the powerful. We will defend our political rights. We will not accept inferior governance we will resist and disobey illegitimate computer generated leaders," he stated.

"We will exercise our sovereignty so that Joho, [Kilifi Governor Amason] Kingi and others can have a chance to chase their dreams of becoming presidents."

He added that dictatorships do not reform on their own once established and that the Opposition belongs in the category of those who refuse to give their basic rights.

NASA went to the Supreme Court late last Friday to challenge the results of a presidential election which it says was rigged.

Election authorities said President Uhuru Kenyatta won the August 8 election by 1.4 million votes but Raila said the results are false.

The Supreme Court has 14 days to hear and determine the petition. If the court upholds the election, Uhuru will be sworn in and if Raila can prove that rigging took place to an extent that would overturn the result, then Kenya must hold another presidential election in 60 days.


Raila said elections should end with the counting of votes and warned that seven Supreme Court judges can be intimidated easily.

"The discretion of seven individuals, however wise, can neither represent nor substitute the voice of 15 million people. They can be compromised and they can make genuine mistakes," he said.

He added Kenyans are still trying to understand what exactly happened in the Supreme Court in 2013 when a decision about their votes was delivered in minutes and a paragraph.

"Institutionalising the determination of elections by courts is a deliberate cynical ploy to lend a cloak of legal respectability to fraud, subversion of democracy, and abuse of the court process," he said.

Chief campaigner Musalia Mudavadi demanded to know the verdict of each judge on the presidential petition.

"We are in pursuit of justice and we should remain strong as we pursue it. Tunataka kuona judgement ya kila judge wa supreme court...hatutaki tusikie judgement ni ya dakika mbili (We want to see each of the judges' determination. We do not want to learn that the ruling was made in two minutes)."

Mudavadi said they are also interested in knowing how each judge perceived the case.

"Tunataka kusikia kila judge anasema namna gani ili tuelewe hii maneno. Tunataka Supreme Court itoe directions ambazo zitalinda wakenya," he said.

This loosely translates to: "We want to know each judges' view so we can understand this matter. We want the Supreme Court to give directions that will protect Kenyans."

Mudavadi noted the country does not need computer-generated leaders as it is democratic.

"Computer ndio inazidi kutupatia viongozi. Hatutaki haya maneno. Kama Wakenya tunataka demokrasia ya ukweli. Mawakili wamefanya kazi for 48hrs na hawajalala(Computers keep giving us leaders. We don't want this. Kenyans want true democracy. Lawyers worked for 48 hours and did not rest)."


Raila congratulated Joho saying he is a brave and courageous leader.

"I have come from far with Joho. He is brave and courageous. Joho ni kifaranga kamili, sio kifaranga ya computer (Joho is a real chick, not one generated by a computer)."

Raila cup up with this phrase while describing rigging allegedly carried out by the IEBC through the KIEMS.

He thanked Mombasa people for voting for him saying their ballots will cou.


Source: the-star

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