IEBC Opts For Manual Check of Forms 34A

August 9, 2017, 9:33 pm

NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga's claim the electoral system was hacked sent the IEBC into 'manual' mode yesterday as chairman Wafula Chebukati asked to check crucial forms 34A.

Raila also released results of his own parallel tallying centre, showing he won 8.1 million votes against President Uhuru Kenyatta' 7.2 million. On Wednesday night, IEBC provisional figures gave Uhuru 7.9 million and Raila 6.5 million votes.

The 34A forms were being compared last night with what was transmitted from polling stations, reflected in form 34A, and then posted on the IEBC portal as provisional presidential results.

All presidential candidates and the IEBC will compare their copies of the forms with those of the IEBC. The tallies should be identical.

The IEBC says any manipulation of polling station Form 34A would be easily detected.

It urged everyone to be calm.

Chebukati told reporters the claims would be investigated though he believed the system was secure.

Yesterday NASA rejected as fraudulent and a sham the provisional results posted by the IEBC, showing Kenyatta far ahead. Yesterday evening he was leading by more than 1.4 million votes, 54.32 per cent to Raila's 44.8 per cent.

Raila told a Nairobi press conference the IEBC's Election Management database was hacked by "unknown people" using the log-in of the commission's murdered ICT manager Chris Msando. Thus, he said, they were able alter information and to rig votes in favour of Kenyatta.

The former Prime Minister released an eight-page statement outlining how the system was hacked and information altered. A 52-page technical addendum containing details.

Yesterday various computer experts dismissed claims the database had been hacked. They said the files and commands identified by the NASA team were the standard ‘logs’ generated when a database is switched on.

“To put it simply, when a database starts, it produced some info on what it's doing in the background. It’s clear Raila Odinga just read out logs for when a database starts,” David Lemayian, of Code For Africa, tweeted yesterday.

“This start-up (of a database) could take anything between a few seconds to many minutes, similar to turning on a computer. This one took about four minutes,” he tweeted.

Raila is making his fourth run for State House and says two victories were stolen from him.

He said the hackers altered "real results" from the presidency down to MCA.

“We are technically telling our people not to accept the results. We did not have an election but a complete fraud. Our parallel tallying center shows completely different results," Raila said.

"We are just pointing out the thief has been nabbed on broad daylight and that is why we are saying that Uhuru must go home."

The ODM chief was accompanied by running mate Kalonzo Musyoka of Wiper, NASA chief agent Musalia Mudavadi, Senators James Orengo (Siaya) and Johnson Muthama (Machakos).

“What IEBC has posted ... is a complete fraud based on a multiplier that fraudulently gave Uhuru votes that were not cast. The electoral fraud and fabrication of results was massive and extensive to the extent the results of the 47 counties were manipulated,” he said.

Raila said at 12.37pm on Tuesday, hackers entered the system using Msando's identity. He said Msando, the electoral agency's IT manager was tortured and executed. His body was found on July 29.

He said hackers then entered the account of IEBC chairman Chebukati and "gained full entry into the IEBC systems."

The hackers spent 12 hours infiltrating the database and projecting wrong results, Raila said. They created errors in the IEBC Core Server, "allowing them to turn a democratic process into a function of a formula”.

In a rejoinder, Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju deplored NASA's criticism.

Tuju said NASA was being dishonest to to call now for a manual back up though it has pushed for digital voting for three years.

"Today they wake up to tell us they want the documents provided so they accept the results," Tuju said.

On Tuesday night, Raila told a news conference that all forms 34A for polling stations and 34B for constituencies.

After counting, all forms are signed by presiding officers and by all party and candidates' agents. They contain number of registered voters, total number of votes cast, valid votes, disputed and rejected votes. They are scanned and sent to the constituency and Bomas of Kenya.

These forms are posted at polling stations for public scrutiny.

Chebukati addressed that why forms 34A and form 34B were not given to some agents. He said contrary to claims by NASA, both Jubilee and NASA have been given access codes to the IEBC server where the crucial Forms 34A and 234B will be uploaded.

"We have set up a desk where all the chief agents can come and verify all the Form 34As," he added.

By law the commission has seven days to announce the presidential results after verifying and tallying 40,883 forms from 4,883 polling stations.

Chebukati said only when all the forms are tallied and confirmed will Kenyans know who won the election.

At 7.30pm Wednesday, the IEBC recorded 393,113 rejected votes or ballots that were improperly filled out.


Source: the-star

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