Al Shabaab Did Not Attack Lamu GSU Camp After Uhuru Tour, Says Linda Boni Boss

July 18, 2017, 9:29 am

Operation Linda Boni head James ole Serian has denied reports that al Shabaab militants attacked Mokowe GSU camp in Lamu West on Tuesday.

Reports indicated the attack took place at about 1am, just hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered police to eliminate them.

"There was no attack in Mukowe town last night," Mukowe said in a statement.

"After investigating the matter, it was found that a sentry at the GSU camp heard suspicious movement near the camp gate and decided to fire as precautionary measure.


Al Shabaab on Tuesday attacked a GSU camp at Mokowe Island, July 18, 2017. /FILE

Al Shabaab on Tuesday attacked a GSU camp at Mokowe Island, July 18, 2017. /FILE

"It should be clearly noted that there was no exchange of fire between security officers and any enemy."

Serian said all security officers were alerted and that their teams and others in charge of Lamu security held a meeting after the incident.

He added: "We request all agencies and the media not to report unverified and alarmist information that is likely to cause fear and despondency in the region."

Reports indicated officers at the station overpowered heavily armed terrorists who approached the camp in two groups, forcing them to flee into Mpeketoni forest.

"At around 1 am, we saw two groups of people approaching our camp. We asked them to identify themselves but they refused," said a police officer who did not want to be named.

"That's when we decided to fire at them. They fired back and the exchange lasted about 20 minutes before we overpowered them. They disappeared into the bushes."

Mukowe is roughly 40 kilometres from Milihoi, an area where Public Works PS Mariam El Maawy's vehicle was ambushed.

El Maawy was shot and injured during the attack that left her nephew, a trainee pilot Arif Kassim Athman dead.

They were headed to Witu on July 13 to visit persons living in camps.

Another police officer said he received a text message from one of his bosses asking him to be alert since Mokowe GSU camp was under attack.

"It was around 3 am. I contacted one of my colleagues at Mokowe who confirmed they were attacked by suspected al Shabaab militants but managed to repulse them," he said.

"There weren't any casualties despite the exchange of fire."

Mokowe locals said they heard heavy gunshots from the camp.

"I was in my house but I could clearly hear clearly. The gunshots lasted over 30 minutes," Mohamed Omar said.

Uhuru declared a major war against the terror group, ordering police to kill fighters on the spot.

"If they kill our police and our people, we shall do exactly that. We will deal with them in the same manner. No one has the right to take lives apart from God. We will finish them. The only way to put out fire its by fire," he said on Monday.


Source: the-star

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