Focus On Presidency, Not Trivial Seats, Raila Says in Homa Bay

July 17, 2017, 9:15 am

Raila Odinga did not touch on the six-piece voting pattern during his tour of Homa Bay on Monday and asked the people to focus on the presidency.

This was the Opposition chief's first visit to the county since the "shambolic ODM nominations" in April.

He has been drumming up support for the six-piece voting pattern to ease the threat of independent candidates, most of whom claimed they were rigged out of the nominations.

“Let us put all our energy in securing the presidential seat and stop focusing on trivial seats down here,” Raila told supporters at Kendu Bay showgrounds.

The Opposition chief said NASA's strongholds have more registered voters than those of Jubilee's, numbers which he termed enough to beat President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“We’ve compared our numbers in the IEBC register to those of our opponents and discovered that I will outshine him during the election,” he said.

Raila asked their supporters to turn up in large numbers on the August 8 election day to guarantee him landslide victory.

“We don’t want to lose even a single vote. We should all turn up and cast the vote,” he said

"The 'adopt a polling station' strategy will ensure all of you vote."

The ODM leader promised to lead a peaceful revolution, should he win the election, with the aim of transforming Kenya.

He reiterated that Uhuru and other Jubilee leaders have ruined the economy, which he described as being in the Intensive Care Unit.

Raila noted economies of countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia matched Kenya's in 1963 but are now much better.

“It is unfortunate that Kenya relies on industrial goods imported from these countries. Kenya is at 54 but cannot manufacture even a needle."

Raila further accused the Jubilee administration of hoodwinking youths with false promises to retain the presidency.

Noting they have made many promises but have not fulfilled them, he asked the age group to support his bid to ensure development.

“It’s an administration that has rigged the future of youths by giving them handouts to enable it retain power. Let youths shun their handouts and focus on long term development plans which my government will enhance,” he said, adding he will create employment.

Raila also advised against tribalism, noting it has been used in past elections to deny Kenyans good political leaders.

Homa Bay woman representative Gladys Wanga and Nominated MP Oburu Oginga dismissed Jubilee's claims that they are after a coalition government.

“Those are mere allegations used by Jubilee leaders to perpetrate the falsehood that NASA cannot win the election,” Wanga said.

Oburu told Nyanza leaders to embrace the six-piece voting style.

“We don’t want to make Raila a lame President...we are his foot soldiers,” Oburu said.

Uhuru said the Opposition's claims will not deter him from pursuing the goal of improving Kenyans' lives.


Source: the-star

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