Something Tells Me

February 16, 2017, 12:35 am

It's a quasi-world in school!
Fake lives!
Fake jobs!
Fake activities!
Fake everything!

You wake up go to class, return, refresh, hangout or like me go to church, read... and then cycle continues.

One day will be graduation day, you would come out and face real reality. You think you're enjoying because daddy sends some money?

You litter the floor and speak harshly to the cleaner because she's a cleaner?
You disregard him because he dresses poorly? Just wait a minute, your time is coming!


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What has this world even turned into?
Misplaced priorities! You've got an X7 with an empty brain!You wear the latest but you've got go ideas. Leaders with no plan for creating job opportunities. Talents hidden for fear of starvation!
The struggle continues as men die slowly even without knowing. The smoke of marijuana fills the air.

Check out in primary schools and you'll see the lives of world changing boys and girls smoking  and talking of their heartbreak and new love experiences.
Dare not scroll through their phones. I doubt if you'll survive the scenes and texts and movies and music!

The economy doesn't even help matters!
Every year thousands of graduates are released with almost no job vacancy! Decent jobs cannot be gotten without something done under the skirt.

Great minds are wasted due to the undue hardship of the country!
Imagine a graduate selling popcorn on the street!
Did i hear you say eeeeh! That's the fact!
Others have resolved to driving keke-maruwa or bus conducting! Where on earth are we heading for?

Spare me that old rubbish!
Don't tell me its not your portion!
Your sandals have got a big hole underneath!
Your schoolbag is held with needle and thread!
You trek the streets of the country!
You're homeless!
Wake up and face reality!

Reality has dawned on us!
Families barely eat richly!
The year is running to an end and the year budgets cannot be easily made!

God will not save this country, He has done his part. We need to do the rest by ourselves.
For those who think traveling out for greener pastures is the way out well I've got gist for you!
You go there to work in the mortuaries!
You sweep and clean the office!
You serve as a waiter or waitress!
You'll someday return or meet what you were scared of!

Modern day slavery!
With Masters and PhD you sleep under the bridge! Why won't there be armed robbery, and crime and prostitution and anger and strife and corruption.
Leaders, stop the embezzlement!
Men and women are suffering!
Children are dying!
Physically, spiritually and mentally!

REHTSE Thinks out

Esther Okekuwo

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