15 Most Dangerous Roads In The World That Push Users To The Edge [PHOTO]

January 22, 2017, 5:02 am

The earth is filled with beautiful places and amazing roads that let people enjoy nature’s beauty, yet not all roads are considered ‘safe’. But maybe that’s what adventure is all about. There’s nothing more exciting than being on the open road however, it takes more than just good driving skills to be able to drive on some roadways; you also need courage. Below are photos of the most dangerous roadways in the world.

1. Zoji La, India

This narrow 9-km road connects Ladakh and Kashmir. It’s a two way road used for both cars and livestock. 

Source: dnpmag.com

2. Transfăgărășan, Romania

This road reaches 2034 meters in height and is the tallest road in Romania. 

Source: untravelledpaths.com

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska

The 666-km long road is the most isolated highway known to mankind. It’s dangerous to drive on it as it’s the snowiest highway in the world.

Source: mashable.com

4. Khardung La, India

The 5602-meter tall road is titled the tallest pass road in the world by Guinness World Records.

Source: mashable.com

5. Yungas Road, Bolivia

It’s risky to drive on this narrow road, especially when it’s foggy. One side of the road has steep mountains, while the other has no barriers or safety boundaries. Over 200 people die driving on this road each year.

Source: toranji.ir

6. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

This road connects small villages and is mostly used by tourists.

Source: slate.com

7. Guoliang Tunnel, China

This tunnel was built by the locals and it’s the only way to travel outside the village. Years later, the government built a 1200-meter tunnel to help the locals.

Source: mashable.com

8. Le Passage du Gois, France

This 4.5-km highway is built in the middle of the sea and opens only for a few hours each day. Due to high tides, the road disappears for the remaining hours.

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Source: mashable.com

9. Tianmen Mountain road, China

The 10-km long road has numerous steep turns and is definitely not for amateur drivers.

Source: mashable.com

10. Hana, Hawaii

This narrow road connects Kahului, Hana and 59 bridges.

Source: mashable.com

11. Kolima, Russia

Nicknamed the death road, Kolima was built by prisoners in 1932. It took them 21 years to complete the construction.

Source: mashable.com

12. Col de la Bonette, France

This mountain road in the French Alps is 2000-meter in height and has many steep turns.

Source: mashable.com

13. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

This 64-km long mountain road is the tallest mountain pass in the Alps.

Source: mashable.com

14. Caucasus road, Russia

This scary road connects Sochi and the Ritsa lake.

Source: mashable.com

15. Eshima Ohashi bridge, Japan

This 1.7-km long bridge is pretty scary to drive on but not for the locals.

Source: metro.co.uk

Which one’s the most scary? Let us know!

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