Boom, the New Supersonic Passenger Aeroplane to Fly New York to London in 3.5 hours

October 28, 2016, 1:08 am

This is Boom. Boom is a prototype for a new supersonic passenger aeroplane that will be able to fly New York to London in 3.5 hours, slightly quicker than Concorde used to. But that's not the clever bit. The smart thing about Boom is that it uses existing technologies to keep costs low, and the business model is based on flights being about the same price as Business Class is today. Apparently Boom is already in development and test flights are planned for late 2017


Meet the team Leadership team

Blake Scholl


Certificated Pilot

Blake is a pilot and technology entrepreneur. He previously built marketing automation at Amazon ($300M P&L) and founded mobile technology startup Kima Labs (acquired by Groupon).


Joe Wilding


Certificated Pilot

Joe has played leadership roles on multiple aircraft and certification programs, including Chief Engineer of the Adam A700 light jet. Joe has been an early employee at three aerospace startups and has led development of multiple passenger aircraft from clean sheet through FAA certification.

Programs:Beech Premier IEclipse 500ICON A5Adam A700Adam A500


Josh Krall


Josh is a hands-on software engineer and entrepreneur with a background in physics simulation. At Boom, Josh has developed multi-disciplinary optimization algorithms and design automation software. Josh was cofounder & CTO at two startups, HelloCar and FeeFighters (acquired by Groupon).

Andy Berryann


Andy has held multiple leadership roles at Pratt & Whitney, where he contributed significantly to the F119 and Geared Turbofan programs and owned fans and compressors for the F135 engine powering the supersonic Joint Strike Fighter.

Programs:F-35 Joint Strike FighterF-22 RaptorGTF FamilyGP7000V2500

Michael Reid


Certificated Pilot

Boom is Michael's eighth aircraft and the other seven have flown—including the Boeing 787 (autopilot) and Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo (flight dynamics).

Programs:Boeing 787SpaceShipTwoFirebirdProteusZee.Aero


Mike Jagemann


Mike has contributed to mechanical design on the Adam A500, X-47A, and ICON A5. Most recently, he was responsible for production and assembly tooling for the ICON A5.

Programs:X-47AAdam A500ICON A5


Bryce Knight


Certificated Pilot

Bryce worked in flight testing on several aircraft while at Bombardier, led the flight test mechanical design team on the Adam A700, and has worked on numerous programs designing and manufacturing composite aircraft structures.

Programs:Adam A700

Kenrick Waithe


Ken headed the Gulfstream team developing quiet boom and supersonic aerodynamics and was also responsible for advanced computational fluid dynamics methods applied across all Gulfstream aircraft. Ken chairs the AIAA Low Boom Discussion Group.

Programs:Gulfstream's Quiet Boom


Marshall Gusman


Marshall led aerodynamic modeling and unsteady CFD analysis at Zee.Aero, where he worked on electric VTOL airplanes. Previously, he performed high-fidelity CFD simulation of rocket ascent aerodynamics at NASA Ames.

Programs:Zee.AeroNASA Ares VNASA SLS


Advisory Board

Frank Cappuccio

Executive Vice President & General Manager, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works (retired)

Tom Hartmann

Former Director, Quiet Supersonic Transport, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works

Scott Bledsoe

Former Lead Engineer, Supersonic Program, Gulfstream. Founder/President, Blue Force Technologies

Bob Dana

First employee and Chief Financial Officer at Virgin America

Capt. Mark Kelly

Renowned astronaut, test pilot, and author


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